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Description: Bile Acid
OtherNames for this Medication: Actigall®, Ursodeoxycholic acid
Common Dosage Forms: Veterinary: None. Human: 300 mg oral capsules; 250 mg & 500 mg oral tablets.

Description Generic Name: Ursodiol Capsules and Tablets (ERR-so-DIE-ole)

Brand Name: Examples include Actigall and Urso.

Ursodiol is a bile acid naturally found in the body. It works by dissolving the cholesterol that makes gallstones and inhibiting production of cholesterol in the liver and absorption in the intestines, which helps to decrease the formation of gallstones. It can also reduce the amount of other bile acids that can be harmful to liver cells when levels are elevated.

Key Information
Ursodiol works best when given with food.
Usually well tolerated by dogs and cats.
Used to help animals with cholesterol-containing gallstones and/or chronic liver disease.
Do not give to rabbits, guinea pigs, or rodents.

How is this medication useful?
Ursodiol is used to help animals with certain types of gallstones and inflammation associated with the gall bladder. Ursodiol has also been shown to be useful to minimize inflammation associated with chronic liver disease. The FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) has approved this drug for use in humans. Ursodiol is not officially approved for use in animals; however, the FDA allows veterinarians to prescribe products containing this drug in different species or for other conditions in certain situations. You and your veterinarian can discuss why this drug is the most appropriate choice.

If my animal gets too much ofthis medication (an overdose), what should I do?
If you witness or suspect an overdose, contact your veterinarian or an animal poison control center for further advice. Animal poison control centers that are open 24 hours a day include: Pet Poison HELPLINE (855-764-7661) and ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
(888-426-4435); a consultation fee is charged for these services.

What should I do ifI miss giving a dose ofthis medication?
If you miss a dose, waitto give the next dose when itis usually time to do so. Do not double-up doses or give an extra dose.

How should I store this medication?
Store this medication in the original prescription bottle or an approved dosage reminder container (ie, pill minder) at room temperature and protected from light.
If your veterinarian or pharmacist has made (compounded) a special formulation for your animal, follow the storage recommendations and expiration date for the product.
Keep away from children and other animals.



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