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Vectra® 3D Dogs

Control of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, sand flies, mites and biting and sucking lice on dogs.

Dog lovers know. We're talking about a deep kind of bond here. You will do anything to protect your best friend. That means using Vectra 3D®, a powerful and broad spectrum parasite control.

It's authorized for sale only by your veterinarian—the person who knows your dog better than anyone. Except you. Vectra 3D® is not effective against Mange Mites.

Anywhere in the country, it's always possible for fleas, ticks and other dangerous vectors to infect your dog.

It only takes one bite to potentially spread disease. That’s why you need the fast-acting, long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection of Vectra 3D®.

One of the Best Flea and Tick Prevention Solutions for Your Dog

Can she read your mind? Does she understand everything you say? Will you pretty much do anything for her? If so, you're a true dog lover. Your best friend gives so much to your life. Return the favor, by giving her premier protection from parasites. 

There are a lot of parasite control products out there—plenty of ways for dog lovers to settle for less. Don't settle for any product that does not provide the protection that your cherished dog needs against dangerous parasites.


Kills through contact; parasites don’t have to bite to die. Begins reducing flea feeding in 5 minutes; kills fleas in 6 hours.


Protection for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age. Patented applicator makes it super easy to use. DO NOT USE VECTRA 3D® ON CATS.


Remains effective after bathing and swimming. Protects for 1 month.

Broad Spectrum Protection:  

Repels and kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, biting and sand flies, lice and mites (excluding mange mites). A repelled vector does not attach or bite your dog; therefore repellent action may reduce the risk of vectors spreading disease to your dog. Kills adult fleas and prevents the development of all immature stages of fleas: eggs, larvae and pupae. 

Dress your pooch up in a suit of armor.

For a healthy and happy dog, it's not enough to just kill parasites. It's important to repel them as well—so the dangerous vectors never get a chance to bite and transmit diseases.

Vectra 3D® repels by creating a 'hot foot' reaction. Fleas, ticks and other parasites come into contact with your dog's coat or skin, and become exposed to Vectra 3D®. They retreat back up hair shafts without biting, and soon die. And mosquitoes sense the active ingredients of Vectra 3D®, and 80% of the time, avoid dogs without landing.

Don't let parasites come between you and the dog you love. Repel. Protect from reinfestation. Prevent instead of just treating. Ask your veterinarian today about Vectra 3D®.

This is no ordinary protection.

Flea Treatment for Dogs - Remove Fleas


Beyond the itching and scratching, fleas can carry all sorts of diseases. Vectra 3D ® kills and repels adult fleas, and also controls flea eggs, larvae and pupae that are about to become adults. Dog lovers who treat their dogs like family don't take chances with fleas. 

Remove Dog Ticks - Ticks


Disgusting when engorged on blood and potentially dangerous to dogs and their families, ticks can transmit many dangerous diseases. No dog lover ever wants to mess around with ticks. There is a way to kill them, and repel them before they even bite.  

An Awesome Flea Killers for Dogs - Prevent Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes feed on your dog's abdominal region, muzzle or ears—causing scratching, chewing and irritation. Allergic reactions to their bites can cause secondary infections. Don't let mosquitoes endanger either your dog or your family. Stop them before they even land.  

Flea Treatments for Dogs - Biting Flies

Biting flies and sand flies:

Biting flies and sand flies not only irritate your dog, they can transmit disease. They are nocturnal blood feeders that typically settle around the muzzle, eyes and mouth. A fresh bite on your dog is the perfect environment to lay eggs and spread dangerous diseases.

Mites on Dogs - Remove Mites


The adult mite is transmitted by direct contact between animals. Female mites can survive several days off the host, so it is possible for animals to become infested through environmental contamination. Don't let mites make your dog miserable, or transmit disease.  

 Flea Remedies - Lice


Lice are tiny insects that spend their entire lives on a host animal. Their eggs, nymphs and larvae glue themselves to the hair of the pet. Sucking lice can cause anemia and a large infestation in puppies or small dogs can be fatal. Don't let lice get between you and your dog.


One bite is enough. Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes or sand flies can affect your dog as they can transmit dangerous pathogens in only one bite. 

VECTRA 3D is a repellent product providing a fast-acting and broad-spectrum protection. 

  • Parasites die when they come into contact with your pet, and before they can bite.
  • With our unique applicator, you successfully protect your dog by easily reaching your dog’s skin.   
  • A single application lasts for 1 month*.
  • VECTRA 3D is available in 5 dosing sizes to match your dog’s body weight.

Suitable for puppies as young as 7 weeks and above 1.5kg.

 One of the Best Flea and Tick Prevention Solutions - Vectra 3D

How to apply VECTRA 3D® to your dog:

The Vectra 3D® applicator is a big hit with dog lovers and their vets. It's easy to use—with no drips, no mess and no need for scissors. The long, rounded tip helps you easily and comfortably apply product directly to your dog's skin.

  • Rounded end minimizes skin abrasions.
  • Contoured applicator is easy to hold with no-drip, no-splash technology.
  • Tested to ensure accurate dosing.



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